Life’s an adventure, and I would like to record a part of it!

My passion for life has always revolved around art, whether it be be through photography, illustration, or animation.  I’ve always been fascinated by the discovery of being able to try something different, seeing something that others might overlook, and simply listening to stories no matter how many times they have been told.

From my website, I would love to share my experiences and hopefully tell a few stories that may help to encourage and inspire.

Welcome to Camtography.


I take pride in crafting and capturing beautiful, engaging and timeless works that delights and delivers results.


Camtography provides a wide range of photography services including, but not limited to:

-Events, Functions, Parties



-Portraits, Couples, Family


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well what about a video?  I offer:

- Motion Graphics

-Artist Biography

Great Fun Facts

Random facts to know about me.
  • Projects 100
  • Happy clients 45
  • Hours spend rendering in Maya... 345
  • Pizzas ordered 150


I have been privileged to work and grow with a diverse range of clients. Here is a small sample of what I can do.

Meet the Team

This goes without saying but the teamwork makes the dream work!


Artist | Photographer | Illustrator | Werido

Art Direction 90%
Graphic design 75%
Photography 98%
Motion Graphics 75%
Illustration 85%

Awesome skills

So, with all things art I like to experiement with different mediums and formats.  From motion graphics, to illustration, to digital and classical photograpy, and everything in between.


I would like to create things with fun, like-minded great people. Feel free to say hello!
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